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Dance Club 

Students in grades k-8 are given the opportunity to show off their dance moves. Starting in January, the club meets once a week to learn 2-3 choreographed dances to be performed at the talent show. No experience required! Led by Ms. Sykes.  


Morning Announcements Club (MAC)  

Students must audition to participate in MAC. This club meets once a week to record upcoming events and school news. This information is then broadcasted to each homeroom in the morning. Led by Ms. Sykes. 


Yearbook Club 

Students in 6-8 will use computer software to design and create Arnold Christian Academy’s yearbook. Led by Mrs. Hurd 

Monday Missional Community (MMC)  

The club is open to 6-8th grade students that are looking for opportunities to volunteer in their community. The Upper School students select a non-profit organization to support each school quarter. They are responsible for contacting, researching the organization's needs, and then executing a plan to meet those needs. Led by Mrs. Hurd & Mrs. Colebrook 


This is an association that creates competitions throughout the school year. Some competitions include Spelling Bee, Math Olympics, Creative Writing Festival, and the Fine Arts Festival. Each competition differs on grade level participation.   

Middle School Bible Study  

Students will meet two Friday's each month during lunch period and discuss Christian topics. The girl's group is led by Mrs. Denise Colebrook. The boy's group is led by Mr. Eddie Spuler. 

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