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Students will need to wear the school uniform daily to and from school as outlined in this section, and on all school field trips unless otherwise specified. Students are expected to be fully in uniform upon arrival at school. The student’s conformity to the dress code is primarily the responsibility of the student and the home. ACA’s administration reserves the right to make the final determination on any matter involving the appropriateness of student dress/grooming. 

If a student is found to be out of dress code, the teacher will issue that student a uniform referral specifying the uniform infraction. These referrals are sent to the office and are handled by the Principal. Students who are consistently out of dress could call into question their standing at ACA and could therefore forfeit their position at the school.


  • First Referral - Verbal reprimand and immediate requirement to comply 

  • Second Referral - Parents notified  

  • Third Referral - Lunch detention  

  • Subsequent referrals - after school detention or further disciplinary action 

If, in the opinion of the school, a student’s uniform infraction is significant enough to be a hindrance to the learning environment, the school reserves the right to withhold the student from class and/or require a student to go home and change clothes. 

Uniforms can be purchased at any stores offering what is described below.

Upper Wear 

  • White, navy, light blue, or red short/long sleeve polo shirt 

  • White or lite blue short/long sleeve button up shirt (must be tucked in) 

  • White undershirts 

  • Sweaters, sweater vests, cardigans, fleece jackets, and sweatshirts must be plain white, navy, or red.  

  • Uniform tops must be worn under sweatshirts and jackets 

Lower Wear 

  • Khaki/navy pants or shorts (no shorter than mid-thigh length) 

Girls Only  

  • Navy/khaki skorts (no shorter than mid-thigh length) 

  • Any FrenchToast style dress or jumper that is navy/red (no shorter than mid-thigh length). 

  • Leggings can be worn under dresses and skorts but must be red, white, black, or navy (no patterns). 

Shoes and Socks 

  • Socks must be red, white, black, or navy (no patterns). 

  • No flip-flops, slides, sandals, or open-backed shoes   


General Dress/Grooming Reminders  

  • Uniforms should be in good condition and fit properly, as we want students’ appearance to speak to the seriousness with which we take their education. 

  • Students are not to write or draw on their skin, shoes, or clothing. 

  • We expect all students to be neat and clean. Tears, rips and holes need to be repaired soon after occurring. 


PE Uniform 

These uniforms can be accessed through Squad Locker. Remember these items are mandatory for each student. Students should be prepared to wear their PE uniforms during physical education class on the first day that the class meets. 

  • Red or navy short/long sleeve T-Shirt (must have ACA logo) 

  • Red, navy, or black athletic pants/shorts (no shorter than mid-thigh length) 

  • Leggings are only permitted if worn under athletic shorts 

  • Closed toed athletic shoes 


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