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Arnold Christian Academy is a non-denominational Christian school committed to providing an excellent education in a Christ-centered environment. As a ministry of CrossPointe Church, we are connected to a community of faith that is passionate about the gospel of Jesus and is eager to bless the next generation. ACA accomplishes this by helping families educate their children with a Christian worldview that positions them for success in every area of life. We select gifted teachers with exceptional personal character, who understand the value of providing a nurturing, family environment in which parents, teachers and students collaborate in pursuit of excellence. 

Our philosophy of education incorporates the importance of individual instruction with the benefits of larger group learning. This means we intentionally limit class sizes and teachers differentiate their approaches to meet the needs of each student. In observing a typical classroom, you will see teachers using creative and fun teaching tools that promote a positive experience for individuals and the larger class. Additionally, students receive a daily break and recess time to help energize their brains while giving them time to just be kids. 

We are committed to helping students understand God's word and appreciate the blessing of Christ's saving work. In addition to Bible class, students join together once a week for Chapel and teachers integrate biblical teaching into each subject whenever possible. In so doing, we have found that graduates of ACA progress on to high school and college with a clear and personal understanding of the value of walking in faith and the transforming power of Christ. You can learn more about our statement of faith and values in the Arnold Christian Academy HANDBOOK.


While our intent in this brief summary has been to help you get to know us, we recognize that the best way to learn about ACA is to come and tour the school, meet the staff and students and ask any questions you have. If you would like to schedule a tour, you can do so HERE. We look forward to hearing from you!

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