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Arnold Christian Academy is a school focused on providing Christ-centered education that meets each student where they are. Our classes are small by design to personalize each child's education to suit their learning style and intellectual abilities. All staff members strive to create a school environment that builds up and encourages students to pursue their academics heartily. Additionally, our school has developed a family-centered community that encourages parent involvement through various forms such as volunteering and monthly parent-staff meetings. ACA provides an educational work environment that allows staff members to build strong relationships with students, parents, and staff alike.


We are looking for passionate and enthusiastic educators that can design an enriched learning environment that supports the optimal growth and development of each child. They should understand the age-appropriate milestones as well as range of development for children within the given age group (5-13 years old). Individuals should be able to work collaboratively to plan, prepare, implement, and evaluate developmentally appropriate curriculum for a class of 12 children. They should aim to create a caring community for learning through thoughtful, individual relationships with all students and families.

Have kids? Teachers that choose to enroll their children in our school can do so with tuition costs discounted (fees still apply)!

Looking to apply? Click the links below for more information!

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